Worship with us

Every Sunday

1st Service: 9:30AM

2nd Service: 11:00AM

Worship with us

Every Thursday @6:00pm

Join us for our cross over service

Friday, 31st December @6pm

What We Believe


We believe in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.


We believe that God Created man in His Image and after His Likeness..


We believe that Man Sinned against God in Adam and fell short of the glory God intended for humanity.


We believe that man is lost without God, and will only be truly fulfilled when his relationship with God is restored.


We believe that Jesus Christ came into the world and died to save all men from the devastation and destruction that comes as a result of sin.


We believe He also came to restore man’s relationship with God.


We believe that Christ has now made it possible for humanity to be reconciled with God and attain the glory originally intended by God for mankind.


We believe this free gift is available for all who believe that Jesus died for their sins and accept the Him as their Lord and Saviour.