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Vision: To enhance the impact of worship experience and help in retention of guests and attendees 

Role: The media unit is responsible for content projection on the screen using beautiful art, media, motion backgrounds  etc . They also help with post service transfer of sermon(mp3) to mobile devices for church members

Impact: By signing up, you are helping to improve worship experience and aid retention of guests and attendees. 

Vision: to provide a hospitable and conducive environment for Lead Pastors, visiting Guest Ministers and church members with the sole aim of making them feel at home outside their home

Role: The Protocol unit ensures everything required by Lead Pastors or Guest Ministers to minister effectively runs in the correct order before, during and after the service.

Impact: By signing up, you are helping the ministry of Lead Pastors, Guest ministers by providing requisite support services to assist them to deliver God`s message with no hindrance.


Vision: to provide hospitality services and make people feel connected and appreciated in an inviting atmosphere and with an attitude of love and care


1. Oversee the hospitality table for all regular and special church services

2. Provide hospitality arrangements for visiting pastors and invited guests

3. Keep track of all hospitality supplies and assist in maintaining all catering equipment

4. Set up, serve, clean-up after church service

Impact: by signing up, you are assiting in enhacing the atmosphere of love and care among members and guests

Vision: to attract the unchurched, unsaved and believers alike to our onsite services

Role: The attraction unit is responsible for the art direction of all of our communication strategy. This includes online activation, social media management, service livestream, video production and all print media

Impact: by signing up, you are helping in amplifying the ministry of SCC and aiding in bringing our target audience to a space where they can experience God. The unit also offers hands-on training for those who are interested in leveraging emerging media in reaching this generation for Christ

Fragrance of heaven is the choir unit of the church

Vision:  to lift praise to our God and to lead God’s people in worship every time we gather corporately


1. Select songs to sing at each service

2. The team of musicians and singers practices the songs throughout the week in preparation for the weekly worship service. 

3. The team ministers in praise and worhsip at weekly worship services

4. The team engages in regular prayer meetings ahead of time

5. The team engages in periodical music trainings to improve worship experience

Impact: by signing up, you are helping in creating an atmosphere for the move of the Spirit and lives are being impacted for Christ

The consolidators welcome our guests after each service and follow up with them in the course of the week

Vision: to help first timers take their next step and become members 


1. Welcome first timer after service

2. Get their details

3. Do a follow up call in the course of the week

4. Space the calls strategically(week 1, week 3, week 7 and week 12)

5. Report the success of a follow-up call 

Impact: by signing up, you are helping in retaining guests so they become attendees and eventually become active members of the church!


Church attendance is one of the most important metrics to pay attention to and the statistics unit is responsible for getting an accurate headcount during the service

Vision: to reliably and accurately record church attendance weekly


1. carry out headcount during service

2. report and log in the numbers accurately

Impact: by signing up,  you are helping to uncover trends and patterns that will assist leadership in decision making


Vision: to extend warmth and friendliness to church members and guests


1. The greeter welcomes regular members and visitors with a smile, hug or handshake as they arrive 

2. Assisting Worshippers in a hospitable manner as they enter the church premises 

3. Fostering fellowship with church members, guests and giving the best initial worship experience as people enter and exit the Church premises

Vision: to ensure free flow of vehicular traffic during the services for ease of movement

Role: We handle the parking of cars within the designated car parks and also carry out surveillance in and around the car parks during services.



Vision: to maintain order during worship services and assit worshippers in having a great worship experience


1. Our ushers act as doorkeepers, greeting each person with a smile as they come into the auditorium

2. They are responsible for answering visitors’ questions and extend extra help in seating those who need assistance.

3. They stand ready to assist anyone in the congregation who might need help, to aid latecomers in finding a seat, and to inform those in the sanctuary of any urgent matters.

Vision: to raise up godly children


1. Teach the Bible faithfully and truthfully 
2. Model the Christian life to the children. Show them in the way you act and speak
3. Encourage and pray for fellow teachers and leaders and for the children

Interested in serving in an area not listed? Let us know about it below and we’ll walk you through the next steps.