About Us



  • Who We Are/About us

            We are a Church designed to help you make sense of life and find

fulfilment. You are definitely designed by God to be so much more.


We realise that an environment where you are loved and accepted goes a

long way towards helping you believe in yourself and appreciate how valuable you            are.



However being loved and believing in yourself is not enough with respect to

living a fulfilling life.


Developing an intimate relationship with God, learning to love others unselfishly and

impacting lives using your gifts and talents is of absolute importance.


At the Scent of Christ Church, this is our assignment and this is what we were

called to do.



  • Our Vision

Equipping Individuals to live a fulfilling and impactful life in Christ


  • Our Mission

Reaching, Retaining, Integrating, Growing and Activating believers in Christ for impact.